Treviso ranks third in Veneto and eighth in Italy for small business in the sport sector

In the province, the sector has 527 enterprises employing 2,428 people. Marca Trevigiana boasts a high index of specialization in five sectors. Oscar Bernardi, president of Confartigianato Imprese Marca Trevigiana: "Craftsmanship accounts for 45.5% of the enterprises in the sporting goods manufacturing sector, particularly sportswear, bicycles and sporting goods."

Economy - published on 13 October 2023

Source: press office Confartigianato Imprese Marca Trevigiana

Marca Trevigiana ranks third in Veneto and eighth nationally in small businesses in the sport sector. There are 527 with 2,428 employees, figures that place Treviso among the provinces with the highest sports specialization in Italy. This is the finding of the processing of the Confartigianato Study Center, published on the occasion of the European Week of Sport, which takes place every year from September 23 to 30.

These data confirm the high handicraft vocation of the sports sector – stresses Oscar Bernardi, president of Confartigianato Imprese Marca TrevigianaHandicrafts account for 45.5% of enterprises in the manufacturing sector of sports goods, especially sportswear, bicycles and sporting goods. In the case of employees, the share of handicrafts in the production of sports goods is 25.4% , being higher than both 20.6% of extended manufacturing and 14.5 %of the total economy.

The lion’s share in the Treviso area is accounted for by sporting goods construction firms, a sector that employs 777 workers in 44 firms, with an average size of nearly 18 workers per firm. This is followed by the sportswear and technical clothing sector, which stands at 549 employees in 71 enterprises (about eight employees per enterprise). Sports activities businesses are the most numerous, 245 in the province, but small in size, with 487 employees. This is followed by enterprises that organize sports courses (105 units and 119 employees), wholesale trade in sporting goods (35 units with 208 employees), manufacture of bicycle accessories (16 enterprises and 191 employees), and manufacture and assembly of bicycles (11 units with 97 employees).

This is an important economic sector for crafts – says President Oscar Bernardi – In per capita terms, public spending on recreational and sports activities is 125 euros per inhabitant in the EU-27 average. Among the major European countries, France spends 194 euros per inhabitant, Germany 118 euros, Spain 109 euros while Italy stops at 90 euros per inhabitant. In relation to GDP, spending in Italy is 0.3%, still higher than in Germany. Employment in sports, by the way, shows significant growth in the last decade. In Italy there is an increase of 35.5%, higher than the +30.5% in the EU-27. Among the major European countries, only Spain, with a 45.7% increase, does better than Italy; it is followed with Germany with +16.6% and France with +12.9%.

Marca Trevigiana also boasts high specialization, with an average index of 183, against a benchmark of 120. Five sectors drive specialization: sporting goods (index 880), bicycle accessories (667), sports and technical apparel (346), wholesale of sporting goods (251) and bicycle assembly (245).

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Translated by Giada Gubert

Intern at the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno |Dolomites

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