#trevisobellunotourism Arturo Martini: a long-standing friendship with the artist Gino Rossi

The most important works by Martini and Rossi are displayed at The Bailo Museum

Promo - published on 24 October 2019


Arturo Martini started to work in Treviso as a goldsmith and ceramist, subsequently studied under Antonio Carlini, a local sculptor.

From 1909 to 1915 Martini opened his first studio at Torre del Visdomino in Cornarotta Street. In this period the sculptor met the artist Gino Rossi who had a
significant impact on his career, in fact he introduced him to the group of young artists with whom he exhibited at the Ca’ Pesaro in Venice. The exhibition held at the Salon
d’Automne in Paris together with Gino Rossi and Modigliani marked a turning point in his career giving him exposure at international level.

The most important works by Martini are displayed at The Bailo Museum
and the Ca’ Pesaro Museum. The Luigi Bailo Museum offers 136 works by the author including figures in stone and terracotta, bronzes, canvas, ceramics and eight paintings exhibited for
the first time in Paris in 1913 by Gino Rossi.

Did you know that the artist Gino Rossi ended his remaining years in the mental hospital of Treviso? Today there’s the beautiful Sant’Artemio park surrounding the former
psychiatric hospital that is now the headquarters of the Province Authority of Treviso.

Treviso’s claim to culinary fame is the Tiramisù. Next time you visit Treviso don’t forget to taste this delicious dessert, you won’t regret it!

Edited by Eleonora Zorzi

Translated by Beatriz Bonardi

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