Unioncamere Veneto: the President Mario Pozza meets the Iranian Consul Amir Masoud Miri

Veneto Region exports to Iran goods to the value of more than 203 Million Euros

Economy - published on 16 May 2018


Source: Unioncamere Veneto Press Office

Venice, 15th May 2018 | Reinforce the commercial relationships between Veneto and Iran in order to guarantee to Venetian enterprises a preferential channel for investments and establish
partnerships in Middle East. This was the topic of the discussion held on Tuesday morning at Unioncamere Veneto premises in Marghera (Venice), during a private meeting between Mario Pozza,
President of Regional Unioncamere and Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce, and Amir Masoud Miri, Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Consul Miri has explained the rules that regulate the investments in Iran, the “tax-free zone”, the bilateral cooperation Italy-Iran within the common projects in Third Countries of Persian
Gulf and Central Asia, tackling the theme of tourism and cooperation between Italian and Iranian operators.
According to the latest data available, in 2017 Italy has exported goods to Iran for an amount over 1.7 Billion, with an increase by +12.5% in comparison the previous year. The Italian purchases
from Iran amounted to 3.4 Billion, mostly composed by crude oil, with values more than threefold in comparison to 2016. In this national context, Veneto Region exports to Iran goods to the
value of more than 203 Million Euros
, and the Region sells mainly machineries, electrical equipment, metal joinery, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fibers, eyewear products,
rubber and plastic products, household appliances. The import of Veneto is about 11.2 Million Euros, with a trade surplus of 192 Million Euros.

“After the removal by Europe of most of the sanctions to Iran, the business relationships with Italy have become very dynamic and the opportunities for Venetian companies are increasing –
explains Mario Pozza, President of Unioncamere Veneto, at the margins of the meeting -. Consul Miri and me, we have discussed about the possibility to organize specialized
fairs in Veneto and Iran. The Iranian market represents a great business and production development opportunity for Italian companies that have to speed up in order to find a place appropriate to
the export and business potentialities of Made in Italy.
Nevertheless, it is essential to move carefully and paying attention, not underestimating the risks and the several political uncertainties that are still present.
The international scenario, in fact, remains very complex and unstable even because of the restrictive action undertaken by USA against Iran. USA have not only disown the nuclear agreement, but
also decided to re-adopt the economic sanctions with serious relapses on European companies that, at the same time, are making business in Iran and having relationships with the American market.
Export and internationalization will remain essential levers for growth, but they require much more advanced solutions in order to protect business and reinforce competitiveness. I believe in the
strategic role of the European Union in helping the Italian economic system and maintaining the agreement with Iran; EU can act as mediator between the different parties, provide legal
clarifications and intervene adopting an approach of unity avoiding any form of extra-territorial sanction”.

The talk of today is part of a series of international appointments that the President of Unioncamere Veneto is holding from last April, meeting the Ambassador of Senegal Seynabou Badiane, the
Australian Ambassador Greg French and the President of the Chinese Maylink Holding Group Limited. Mr. Li Yongping.

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