Veneto Great War Memorial. Photographic exhibition “Last Minute Planet Tour”.

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Events - published on 04 May 2023

Source: Veneto Great War Memorial press office

The Municipality of Montebelluna and the cultural services (Civic Museum, MeVe, Library and Culture Office), in collaboration with CombinAzioni, present the photographic exhibition “Last Minute Planet Tour” by Marco Zorzanello. The initiative is coherently part of the activities related to environmental education and sustainability promoted by the cultural services of the Municipality, starting with the exhibition “Futuro Agenda 2030” (dedicated to the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development) set up at the Civic Museum.

“Last Minute Planet Tour” is a photographic exhibition that takes visitors on a long journey, from one side of the world to the other, through renowned tourist locations that are, however, not excluded from the reality of climate change. The 30 photos in the exhibition tell of realities that are struggling to adapt to a new climate course, but even offer insights into the great challenge that awaits humanity in the near future: adaptation to the climate crisis. In fact, if on the one hand the images reveal, with a veil of irony, the difficulties of a world of tourism grappling with the lack of snow in the Alps, the advancing desertification on the shores of the Dead Sea, the rising ocean level in the Maldives and the presence of ever larger and more numerous icebergs in Iceland and Greenland, on the other hand they invite the viewer to search for possible solutions.

Part of a wide-ranging photographic project, published in more than 40 magazines worldwide and presented at major Italian and European festivals, the ‘Last Minute Planet Tour’ exhibition will be shown in Paris in September 2023. For this project, photographer Marco Zorzanello travelled to seven different countries, producing a body of over 150 photos, for which he has received numerous awards including the prestigious Yves Rocher Photography Award.

Free entrance

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