Veneto march and road race trophy: Treviso’s conquest in Athletics

After Majano, a new success for a Marca representative team that won in Mira in the third round of the traditional under-16 event, ahead of Venice and Padua

Sport - published on 21 September 2023

Source: press office Montello Runners Club

(Treviso, Sept. 17, 2023) Three thousand people running for 100 years of the Air Force. The military airport in Istrana (province of Treviso), home of the 51st Fighter Wing, opened its gates this morning to runners and walkers who celebrated, in a completely unprecedented setting, among hangars and aircraft on display, the century of activity of the Arma Azzurra.

After the tragedy at Turin’s Caselle airport, the tone could not have been one of celebration. But, at the opening of the morning, recalling the incident of the day before, the 51st Fighter Wing commander, Emanuele Chiadroni, expressed closeness to the family of the little victim and emphasized the charitable purposes of the event, whose main objective was to raise funds for AIRC as part of the “project called “Un dono dal cielo” (“A gift from the sky” ),  that the Air Force decided to adopt, in the year of such a significant anniversary, in support of cancer research.

Just before the start, a minute’s silence was observed. Then the snake of athletes moved, running or walking, along the two 10- and 6-kilometer routes that the 51st Fighter Wing – in collaboration with the Montello Runners Club and Bettiol Sport Events Asd, the sports clubs of former blue medalist Salvatore Bettiol – drew entirely within the airport, also involving the runway.

Of the three thousand registered, about 500 were participants in the Fidal race, won by Giovanni Gatto (from Us Quercia) and Eleonora Lot (from Atl. Ponzano). An all-Trevisan pairing. The 23-year-old azure from Quinto won in 30’56”, preceding Giacomo Esposito (from Atl. San Biagio, 31’17”) and Riccardo Donè (from Atl. Mogliano, 32’16”). The 27-year-old Conegliano woman, on the other hand, dominated the women’s race, finishing in 37’33”. Behind her there were Jlenia Stragliotto (from HRobert Running Team, 40’52”) and teammate Marta Zanatta (42’05”).

It had never happened to me to run inside an airport. It has been a very special race, suggestive in its own way. We faced straights that seemed to never end, in the end it was also fun, commented Gatto, a 3000 steeplechase specialist who had never run a 10 km race on a homologated course in his career. Applause also came from Salvatore Bettiol, accompanied by his daughter Valentina and Alessandra Mantovan, Italian 100-meter record holder Manuela Levorato, a longtime star of the Air Force sports group, regional Fidal president Francesco Uguagliati and provincial Fidal president Dino Brunello.

1. Giovanni Gatto (Us Quercia) 30’56”, 2. Giacomo Esposito (Atl. San Biagio) 31’17”, 3. Riccardo Donè (Atl. Mogliano) 32’16”, 4. Matteo Muraro (Team Treviso) 32’51”, 5. Omar Zampis (Assindustria Sport) 33’17”, 6. Giacomo Marchiol (Atl. Mogliano) 33’39”, 7. Ivan Basso (HRobert Running Team) 34’07”, 8. Simone Tibaldo (Vicenza Marathon) 34’50”, 9. Luca Brunello (HRobert Running Team) 35’12”, 10. Mattia Fenti (Atl. Agordina) 35’12”.
WOMEN: 1. Eleonora Lot (Atl. Ponzano) 37’33”, 2. Jlenia Stragliotto (HRobert Running Team) 40’52”, 3. Marta Zanatta (Atl. Ponzano) 42’05”, 4. Sara Montresor 44’18”, 5. Alessandra Dal Santo (Atl. Mottense) 44’40”, 6. Miriam Vianello (Maratoneti Eraclea) 44’46”, 7. Patrizia Garbujo (HRobert Running Team) 44’58”, 8. Giulia Guerrieri (G.A. Vedelago) 45’46”, 9. Sonia Lauria (Team Mud & Snow Asd) 46’11”, 10. Sofia Moschi 46’12”.

Translated by Cecilia Flaccavento

Intern at the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno

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