We need to promote Italian tourism. We need new Italians

High quality and typicality in the world Arrigo Cipriani testimonial and attractor in Veneto of resources from the world.

Economy - published on 02 August 2023


Venice, July 22, 2023 – Assocamerestero and Unioncamere Veneto President Mario Pozza and Confcommercio Belluno President Paolo Doglioni met at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Arrigo Cipriani.

A man with a business reality of 6,000 employees, who work in Harry’s Bar restaurants presiding over the most prestigious places in the world.

This makes Patron Arrigo Cipriani an absolute connoisseur of the world’s tables, tastes and flavors, where he brings Italian hospitality and the uniqueness of Veneto products for a cuisine that pleases and delights the great VIPs of art, film, writing and entrepreneurship, but which has the ability to make Harry’s Bars feel absolutely free to live in the world.

His motto is: I want my customers to feel free, “like home” to experience my hospitality at its best.

The idea? It is that the great Arrigo Cipriani can become the testimonial of Venetian cuisine for the attractiveness of our territories and also attract the category of workers in the field of high quality accommodation and catering – highlights President Mario Pozza-. We are an area that has so much to offer in the area of high quality and typicality, but is in absolute need of finding qualified personnel for reception and tourism and catering activities. We also aim to involve in this idea, the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad, which I chair, as part of the Re-entry Tourism project.

We need new Venetians because denatality can lead over the years, to an absolute lack of competent personnel,” says President Paolo Doglioni. We need to promote Italian tourism, but for that we need new Italians. As aging increases there will be more and more need for new people for this sector. We are all emigrants,” President Doglioni continued, “Clearly it is essential to know the rules and customs, which is absolutely easy for the second and third generations that we now even hear speaking in Venetian dialect.

Arrigo Cipriani, with a unique network in the world of quality and typical catering, with clients of absolute prestige, big names in music, cinema, culture and entertainment, is the best testimonial for the Veneto, for the attractiveness of our territories and so also for the category of workers in the field of accommodation and catering.

With the call for 80 thousand euros for ITS and the hospitality in the chamber headquarters of the courses,” stresses President Mario Pozza – the Chamber of Commerce plays an important role in training new talents, new “Cipriani” and will be able to be the director of this idea to make our territories boarded tables that everyone wants, to taste the culinary creations created by the new talents of the kitchen and served by qualified professionals, in the shared awareness, that human resources make the difference, to make people savor traditions and that good living that is right here at home.

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