Danilo Rea, SqueroJazz! Auditorium Lo Squero of S. Giorgio Maggiore | June 5

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Venice is very closed to Treviso : you just take 30 minutes to reach it by car or train

Treviso is very closed to Venice: you just take 30 minutes to reach it by car or train


Cortina is closed to Treviso: Getting to Treviso from Cortina has never been so easy

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A great celebration welcomed President Pozza and Red Canzian to the Lepido Rocco with fashion designer Muraro

Worlds that look at each other and in a new way communicate to promote the area and strengthen the skills of young people for companies


The work between curse and blessing. Biblical Festival 2021 | June 17

At 5:00 pm Auditorium Sant'Artemio - Province of Treviso


Milan – Cortina and Generation 2026

Investing in the culture of the individual. This is the aim of "Generation 2026 - Sport Powered by Youth and Education".


The Olympics, not just sport – Behind them is the planet industry

The debut of the "Generation 2026" project, which promotes a competitive culture among young people, is an opportunity to highlight the considerable numbers involved in the event, particularly in the Belluno area.