A new reborn for Fulcis Palace, one of the most relevant building of the XVIII Venetian century. In cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno.

A big tribute for the Belluno Museum opening at XVIII century Fulcis Palace: Madonna Barbarigo, a masterpiece of Titian, arrives directly from the Hermitage to Belluno, homeland of the Master, for the first time in Italy after 167 years.

Events - published on 14 January 2017


An exhibit space distributed on five floors and composed by 24 rooms, enriched by restored stuccos and frescos of the XVIII century: Fulcis Places shines again in Belluno. After a careful
restoration funded by Fondazione Cariverona and costed 8 million Euros, and after an accurate museum-graphic project, it is ready to host the new premises of the City Museum art collection.

Bartolomeo Montagna, Domenico Tintoretto, Matteo Cesa, Andrea Brustolon, Marco and Sabastiano Ricci, Ippolito Caffi, but also the precious porcelain collections, the rare bronzes
and Renaissance plates, the collection of priceless drawings and engravings, they have all now a new home.
More than 600 works of the City Museum collection – one of the most ancient in the Region – from the medieval time to the XX century, they will be hosted from January 27th in the renewed and
functioning rooms of Fulcis Palace, one of the most relevant building of the Venetian XVIII century.
Belluno is enriching itself with a new exhibit space – a masterpiece itself – that is going to be a cultural jewel of the Dolomites.

To celebrate the Fulcis Palace opening, the great Titian must be present, since he was born in the Cadore area; then, the homage to the city, with an eminent international museum.
Directly from the Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg – for the first time in Italy after more than 150 years – arrives in Belluno until May 1st, the famous “Madonna Barbarigo”, work realized by
the Master in the middle of the XVI century. Here it is the new Fulcis Palace: a remarkable palace for arts.


The opening of Belluno City Museum, in the restored Fulcis Palace in Via Roma, represents a significant moment for the city in the Dolomites. Belluno is re-thinking its culture, territorial
identity and offer taking into consideration a range of current structural interventions in its heart
. Not only Fulcis Palace, but also the current restoration of Bembo Palace, the
forthcoming opening of the archeological museum, the restoration works in the City Auditorium located in the ancient Vescovi-Conti Palace, they all are creating a definitely unique
The category associations have actively cooperated thanks to the oversight of the Chamber of Commerce, which has developed a favorable synergy, funded and supported the event. The category
associations have made at disposal means and resources of the personnel in order to involve the entire city. The President of the Chamber of Commerce, Mario Pozza, has highlighted how the Chamber
of Commerce has, within its tasks, that one about the culture promotion and it does this through its mandates for tourism.

We are delighted – says President Pozza – about the opening of this wonderful Palace that will be filled up not only with contents, but also with experience values able to tell about
the heritage and beauty of the territory.

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