Artisans of luxury: custom made furniture excellence in Treviso

The art of "savoir faire" meets innovation: stories of master craftsmen in furniture design

Economy - published on 23 February 2024

Source: Giada Gubert intern at the Treviso-Belluno|Dolomiti Chamber of Commerce

The high-end furniture sector represents one of the drivers of trade globally, and Made in Italy, in particular, is synonymous with quality and excellence throughout the world. In this context, the Veneto region emerges as one of the most representative regions of the supply chain, thanks above all to the many specialized artisan companies and the production district of excellence of Legno Arredo Trevigiano, which also includes some municipalities with high furniture specialization between Belluno and Venice.

It is precisely about the value of modern and luxury furniture that we want to talk in this article, through the stories of some artisan firms in the province of Treviso, which have been producing beauty for generations, honoring tradition while opening up to new technologies. We will talk about the artifacts of Bottega Vazzoler, Historya Restauri e decori, Torresan Travertino and Alf DaFrè, to explain how these companies have been able to coin a “new luxury” in the world of design and custom-made furniture, thanks to the art of “savoir-faire” side by side with the innovation promoted by the new generation of young entrepreneurs.

These realities, manage to make their furniture products not only useful elements for everyday life, but also true works of art with timeless yet modern designs. Their quality and uniqueness provide added value to Made in Italy. Many of the products are made by hand, using ancient techniques, consolidated by years of experience of these entrepreneurial artisans and in harmony with the territory, which offers a constant source of inspiration thanks to the beauty of its Villas, country houses and historic centers.

The first story we want to tell is that of Bottega Vazzoler, founded by Bruno in 1967 in Carbonera, in the footsteps of what he learned from master Toni Benetton in wrought iron work. The company has already successfully welcomed the third generation of Vazzoler artisans, proving to be capable of transmitting and protecting over time the deep knowledge of the material. The work created by the Bottega ranges from sculptures to wrought iron installations for gates and railings, revisiting styles such as Venetian Gothic and Art Nouveau in a modern key. If we are commonly led to see the blacksmith as a figure “from another era,” this is not the case at Bottega Vazzoler, where the art of shaping matter with the help of water, fire and skill has been linked to technological evolution, keeping the magic of the working process unchanged. In fact, thanks to the different specializations of the Vazzoler family, both in the field of art and precision mechanics, a perfect blend of art, matter, technology and contemporary design has been achieved, fully satisfying any client.

We continue with Historya Restauri e decori, an art studio and restoration workshop founded by Master Craftsman and restorer Ivan Ceschin in 1985 in Susegana, and today joined by the new generation of the Ceschin family. The company is involved in restoration of artworks of various kinds, and specializes in the restoration, design and construction of sundials, as well as the creation of frescoes and custom wall decorations. Historya’s exclusive works are made entirely by hand, with natural pigments and through ancient techniques. Starting from a meticulous preliminary study, they go on to the design and finally to the realization of the works, all of the highest quality and able to harmonize with any environment making it exclusive, cozy and sophisticated. An extra touch that fits any home or office, whether classic or modern, giving the authentic luxury of a bygone era.

Let us now tell about the artisan company Torresan Travertino, which is located in Pieve del Grappa and to date has more than 60 years of experience and over 30 years of specialization in working with the precious marble Travertine. The founder, Gino Torresan, has managed to pass on his passion and dedication for his work to his sons as well, and together they make furniture elements, lighting, floor and wall solutions from Italian Travertino marble. As a guarantee of the quality of the raw material, the owners themselves periodically visit the quarry to directly select the marble blocks they will later use. This allows the artisans to always be aware of the variability of the material, whose essential beauty and elegance is matched by the multiplicity of color shades, making each Torresan creation a unique and unrepeatable piece that offers the customer the luxury of exclusivity.
The company develops between classicism and innovation, thanks, for example, to the Travertino Care Technology, an operating technology that helps preserve the integrity and quality of the surface over time. In addition, for several years now, the company has been using a 3D measuring device, which enables the custom shaping of any marble work, ensuring maximum customization of even the most modern geometries.

To conclude, let’s tell the story of Alf DaFrè, a Francenigo-based company that carries on the centuries-old tradition of woodworking, within the well-known Legno Arredo Trevigiano district. The company is renowned for the production of highly customizable quality furniture, as well as furnishing accessories born from the experience and creativity of exceptional designers. At Alf DaFrè, “there are no standard sizes,” because each modular system is designed and made to measure for the customer, with maximum production flexibility and taking into account the space they are going to inhabit.
Quality control is another ace up the sleeve of this high-end furniture company. The entire production cycle is carried out synergistically in the company’s three factories (all in the province of Treviso), using high-quality raw materials that give the creations their characteristic refined and fine aesthetics.
Alf DaFrè has also focused on innovation at the service of artisan tradition, with a pioneering system capable of reproducing on an industrial scale the level of customization and attention to detail typical of craftsmanship, while maintaining quality and reducing waste. Such state-of-the-art production facilities, make it possible to combine the luxury of made-to-order with resource optimization, so as to fully meet sustainability criteria. In fact, the company has successfully committed itself to reducing its environmental impact and minimizing waste and emissions.

This concludes our overview of luxury artisans in the furniture and design sector in the province of Treviso. Pulling the strings, we can say that artisan companies in the area have enhanced their “know-how,” which translates into the essence of their products: exclusiveness, quality and luxury. Without fearing new technologies, and indeed embracing them through the generational transition, Treviso’s craftsmen and artists bring to life with their creations a perfect balance between classicism and innovation, tradition and modern design. Whether wrought iron, fresco, marble or wood, in the province of Treviso the customer is sure to find a unique and unrepeatable custom-made craft product to tastefully enrich their home or office.



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