Belluno Città del legno – Ex tempore di scultura 2022

From 1 to 13 November the event with meetings, workshops, cinema, photography and exhibitions

Events - published on 27 October 2022
Source: Press Office Consorzio Belluno Centro Storico
From 1 to 13 November 2022, the Belluno Città del legno Festival and the XXXVI edition of Ex tempore di scultura will be held in Belluno.
Focused, as the name suggests, on the theme of wood, the Festival will propose a series of events including exhibitions, shows, workshops and meetings, aimed at presenting various and curious
aspects related to it, always with the central objective of valorising the raw material in which the province is rich but which is also fragile, as Vaia demonstrated.
Ex tempore Sculpture on Wood is instead a competition that will be held between 1 and 6 November and will animate, thanks to the careful work of sculptors, the streets and squares of Belluno’s
historic centre.
At the end, the “Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti” Jury Prize, the “Stampa” Prize and the “Fidapa” Prize will be awarded. Subsequently, the works will be exhibited to be voted
by the public, who will award the “Città di Belluno” prize and the “Bambini” prize to the most voted artist.
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