Youth from Belluno and eyewear – boom of participants for the competition E’ tutta una montatura! – It’s all a frame! – : 169 have designed the glasses of the future

Erminio Da Vià - Occhialeria Moda Sport Section - and Luca Anselmi - Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori - awarded the best entries: ‘the development of the eyewear sector passes through the schools in the area’.

Courses and conferences - published on 21 May 2024

Source: press office Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti

Belluno, 20 May 2024 – School and eyewear, youth and territory. The third edition of the ‘It’s all a frame!’ competition, an initiative promoted by the Occhialeria Moda Sport Section and the Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori, has seen a boom in the number of participants. As many as 169 students took part in the design of the eyewear of the future, all of them coming from the second year of the province’s secondary schools.

The best entries were awarded prizes in the past few days by the members of the judging committee, formed by Erminio Da Vià, president of Occhialeria Moda Sport, and Luca Anselmi, president of the Gruppo Giovani, together with Lara Franzoia, Francesca Bortoluzzi, Enzo Sopracolle, Federico Losego and Adriano Liò: they all wanted to see for themselves the quality of the projects and meet the students to have a direct comparison.

‘It is an initiative that grows year by year and this gives us hope: only through the involvement of our young people and schools can eyewear have a future in this area,’ says Da Vià. ‘We must transmit to our young people the values of a sector that has made our manufacturing industry great, creating a district that is unique in the world for its creativity and resilience.

‘Eyewear remains an excellence and the growth in exports – despite the many international geopolitical crises – speaks of an extraordinary dynamism. Of this, our young people must be aware when choosing their study and professional path,’ Da Vià emphasises.

‘Our Group’s mission,’ says Anselmi, for his part, ‘is to provide the new generations with all the tools they need to make the right choice, demonstrating with facts – and not with words – that the Belluno area is rich in opportunities for professional and human growth. Together, we must and can overcome a ‘negative’ narrative that would have us unattractive. In reality, innovation is practised in our valleys and we look to the world’.

The participants were asked to create eyewear on the basis of a number of ideal customer profiles, all belonging to the so-called ‘Generation Z’: to this end, each class was divided into groups and each group worked on the creation of their own ‘targeted’ eyewear, drawing up an artistic design, a technical drawing, a bill of materials necessary for its creation, and a real promotion campaign as if their product were to be sold in the best shops and online platforms.

Not only that: girls and boys then drew up a report in which they justified the choices they made and illustrated the sharing method adopted in their group work.

Eight classes took part in the competition with a total of 169 girls and boys divided into 33 groups: specifically, the Comprehensive Institute of Belluno with classes 2A, 2C, 2E and 2G of the Ricci middle school, the Comprehensive Institute of Feltre with classes 2A, 2B and 2F of the Rocca middle school and the Comprehensive Institute of Ponte nelle Alpi with class 2B of the Pertini middle school.

The judging committee – from among all the works received – selected the five that impressed the most: the ‘Stratopico’ group and the ‘Eye on fire’ group from class 2A of the Comprehensive Institute of Belluno, ‘Gli Artisti’ from class 2B and ‘I Trattori’ from class 2F of the Comprehensive Institute of Feltre, and ‘Group 1’ from the Comprehensive Institute of Ponte nelle Alpi.

The winning classes received a prize of 500 euro to be used to cover the costs of the educational trip or, alternatively, to purchase supplies for teaching, sport and culture.

‘We must continue to talk to our young people about opportunities,’ Da Vià and Anselmi emphasised, ‘only in this way can we continue to grow together and reaffirm how much the “enterprise and territory” link can make a difference.

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