Commission announces winners of the 2020 European Social Innovation Competition

Daily News 26 / 11 / 2020

Economy - published on 30 November 2020

Source: European Commission Spokesperson’s Service

Today, the Commission announced the winners of the 2020 European
Social Innovation Competition
, a challenge prize run across all EU countries and Horizon
2020 associated countries
calling on innovative solutions to problems affecting our society. The three projects, selected for addressing this year’s challenge ‘reimagine fashion’ in the best
way, will receive a prize of €50,000 each. The winning participants are the following: a Belgian start-up that helps simplify the process of reusing and recycling textiles, resortecs®; a Croatian digital platform that enables
users to wear outfits in augmented reality, Snake; and a Romanian legal support mechanism for
craftspeople and designers, WhyWeCraft: Cultural Sustainability
in Fashion
. In addition, every year the jury awards an Impact Prize to one of the participants who reached the semi-finals in the previous year’s competition, based on results that the project
achieved over the past twelve months. The 2020 winner is Empower, a company that adopted a new technology to
enable circular economy, by allowing the deposit and collection of plastic waste for financial reward. More information on the competition: here.

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