Cycling from the Wall of Ca’ del Poggio to the Mûr-de-Bretagne: the “great undertaking” to help Sammy Basso has started

Events - published on 16 August 2021
Source: Ca’ del Poggio press office
Five cyclists from Treviso – Piero Chiesurin, Filippo De Luca, Luca Dell’Armellina, Giandomenico Santarossa and Romeo Bissoli – have set off from San Pietro di
Feletto: they will pedal for 1665 km, arriving as far as France, with the aim of supporting research into progeria, the rare disease from which the young man from Vicenza, present at the
start, suffers: “Crazy like me”.
San Pietro di Feletto (TV), 13 August 2021 – From Italy to France, riding on bike all the way to France, with the aim of supporting research into progeria, the rare
(also known as ‘premature ageing syndrome’) from which Sammy Basso from Vicenza suffers.
Five Treviso cyclists from the ‘Squadra Fortissimi’ – Piero Chiesurin, Filippo De Luca, Luca Dell’Armellina, Giandomenico Santarossa and Romeo Bissoli, with
the support of Bruno Mariotto and Francesco Bet – set off on Friday 13 August from the Muro di Ca’ del Poggio, in San Pietro di Feletto.
They will pedal, initially accompanied also by the ex-world champion Alessandro Ballan, for a total of 1665 kilometres (238 kilometres of daily average, also overcoming important differences
in height) until they reach in seven days, on August 19th, the French town of Guerlédan, in whose territory lies the Mûr-de-Bretagne.
Since 12 July 2018, the Wall of Ca’ del Poggio and the Mûr-de-Bretagne – sites of Giro d’Italia 2020 and the Tour de France 2021 respectively – have been united by a twinning that also involves
the Wall of Grammont, the famous climb of the Tour of Flanders that completes a triptych of climbs that have made the history of great cycling. This explains the original route that will take the
five Treviso cyclists from Italy to France.
They have called it ‘the great enterprise’. And it really will be great, considering the commitment that awaits Piero, Filippo, Luca, Giandomenico and Romeo,
not champions but simple amateur cyclists who have given up their holidays to cycle to France. And a noble one too, since the aim of the journey from Italy to France will be to raise funds for the
Italian Progeria Association Sammy Basso onlus, A.I.Pro.Sa.B.
To support the Treviso cyclists’ enterprise, a dedicated current account has been opened at CentroMarca Banca (Iban: IT 19 Y 08749 12001 000000465616) in the name of “Squadra Fortissimi per
la Grande Impresa”. Each of the 1665 kilometres of the journey will be “purchasable” with a free offer and the entire proceeds will be delivered to Sammy Basso at the end of the journey. The
uniforms worn by the five cyclists will also bear the logos of the companies and sports organisations supporting the Great Enterprise: Torninox, Delta Glass, Mittel, Art Serf, Vitis Rauscedo,
Pordenon Calcio, Bralco, Asco Tlc and CentroMarca Banca.
At the start in Ca’ del Poggio, together with the Regional Councillor Tommaso Razzolini, the Councillor for Sport of the Municipality of San Pietro di Feletto Cristian Botteon and many
fans, there was also Sammy Basso, accompanied by his parents Laura and Amerigo: Considering the kilometres that await them, they are very strong, but also a bit crazy –
said the 25-year-old from Vicenza -. Crazy like us who some years ago decided to commit ourselves in the fight against progeria. Everyone told us to give up, that we wouldn’t get anywhere, but
we didn’t give up, we insisted and today we have an experimental drug that offers hope against the disease. I like to think that every ride by these five fantastic guys is a ride that brings us
closer to our goal.
The trip from San Pietro di Feletto to Guerlédan will also serve to consolidate the historic twinning between Treviso and Orléans, cities that have been “cycling” since 1959. It will also be an
opportunity for a symbolic meeting between the Unesco territories of Prosecco and Champagne.
For this reason, the arrivals of the five Treviso cyclists in the cities of Epernay, capital of
Champagne, Orleans and Guerlédan will be sealed with the gift to the local authorities of a splendid creation by the master Marco Varisco.
The first stage of the “great enterprise” will run from Pietro di Feletto to the Brenner Pass (242 km). The second, on Saturday 14 August, will go from Brenner to Riedlingen (259 km). The third, on
Sunday 15th August, from Riedlingen to Sarrebourg (258 km). The fourth, on Monday 16 August, from Sarrebourg to Epernay (266 km). The fifth, on Tuesday 17 August, from Epernay to Orleans (220 km).
The sixth, on Wednesday 18 August, from Orleans to Angentré (223 km). Then, on Thursday 19 August, the grand finale from Angentré to Mûr-de-Bretagne (197 km).
Grande Impresa will be followed on the Instagram page “lagrandeimpresa”. While Sammy Basso, every day at 8pm at the end of the stage, will virtually meet the five Treviso cyclists on his
Instagram profile. The slogan, aimed at everyone, is: ‘more gifts, more help’. But, above all, the more you donate, the more you will make “The Great Enterprise” simple, turning it into a

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