First day of GenerAZIONE2026: the arrival of the Fanfare in Treviso

Great excitement for the arrival of the Fanfare of the 3rd Carabinieri Regiment from Milan

Events - published on 12 June 2024

Source: press office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno|Dolomites

The arrival of the Fanfare of the 3rd Milan Carabinieri Regiment in Treviso, an exceptional event in Piazza dei Signori and then in Piazza Borsa, in the presence of the authorities on the occasion of the inauguration of the façade of the Chamber of Commerce headquarters dressed Milan Cortina 2026 and the exhibitions for the third edition of GenerAZIONE2026. The presence of the Fanfare and the sharing of the event attracted the citizens and the many tourists who enjoyed and applauded to the notes of moments of glory and the Carabinieri anthem.

The Carabinieri Fanfare continued at the packed Mario del Monaco Theatre, and performed the notes of the Italian anthem, creating, we assure you, a unique emotion.

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