In the presence of Minister Abodi, GenerAZIONE2026 youngsters from Treviso and Belluno competing at the Trophies Final in Milan

41,965 young people from the 'Olympic Areas' together looking forward to Milan Cortina 2026 with the participation of the highest sports dignitaries

Economy - published on 16 May 2023

Source: GenerAZIONE2026 press office

Milan, Treviso, Belluno, 12 May 2023. They set off at dawn from the mountains of the Veneto and from the plains to arrive full of the desire for sport, the best of the 10,000 young GenerAZIONE2026 from 29 schools in Belluno and Treviso. They are the boys and girls of the middle schools of the Istituti comprensivi of Mel – Lentiai, of Pedavena and Feltre for Belluno and for Treviso of the Istituto Cosmo of Vittorio Veneto, the Istituti comprensivi of Gaiarine, Vedelago, Montebelluna, Resana, Riese Pio X, in all 10 relays and 65 boys and girls with their teachers, transported by MOM Mobility of Marca.

Grand finale then at the 60th edition of the ‘Milan2023 Trophies – Education, Culture and Sport for Young People‘. Interscholastic sports championships and educational activities for Primary and 1st Grade Secondary Schools.

Since 2022, the ‘Trophies’ have expanded geographically to the ‘Olympic Areas’ and have involved – as part of the ‘GenerAZIONE2026’ Project – schools in the Veneto region (Treviso and Belluno).The 60th edition of the ‘Milan Trophies’ is dedicated to young students, their education, practice, well-being, play and the values that sport brings. The event was conceived by Prof. Franco Ascani Member of the IOC Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission and President FICTS – FédérationInternationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs.

The Minister for Sport and Youths Dr. Andrea Abodi, an enthusiastic supporter of Sport in Schools, lit the Tripod.

Representing the Institutions were, among others: Mario Pozza, President of Assocamerestero and Chamber of Commerce Treviso-Belluno|Dolomiti, Claudia Giordani V. President CONI Nazionale, Lara Magoni Undersecretary for Sport and Youths of the Lombardy Region, Martina Riva Assessor for Sport of the Municipality of Milan, Domenico De Maio and Iacopo Mazzetti for the Foundation Milano Cortina 2026, Marco Riva President CONI Lombardy Region, Gianni Mauri President Fidal Lombardia.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce Treviso-Belluno | Dolomites Mario Pozza greeted and wished the students and their professors every success. “Being here today means believing in the values of sport, of community, of sharing with others but sharing the same principles of friendship, loyalty, sacrifice and dedication. The Chamber of Commerce,” the President emphasised, “invests in young people in order to work together for the future that will see them as protagonists in the amazing occasion of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games Milan Cortina 2026, it seems to me a very good start!”

The President of the Organising Committee, Prof. Franco Ascani, presented the initiative, declaring: ‘We are enthusiastically re-proposing the importance of the active involvement of the new generations through the dissemination of sports culture and Olympic values. We are celebrating the 60th edition – with 52% of girls participating – in which sports education is the protagonist in the sports ecosystem, both in motor activities and in training activities aimed at the growth of intellectual skills and creativity of the ‘2026 Generation’, in view of the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games‘.

It is nice now, that the spotlight is on less than 1,000 days before the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games,” comments DMO President Emanuela De Zanna, “that the connecting bridge is precisely the young people of the schools who will be able to experience the Games as protagonists.

So we are waiting for them in Cortina to host them as athletes, volunteers, assistants in our wonderful mountains‘.


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