Pozza: more companies in the Treviso and Belluno area are becoming socially responsible. This is how our region looks at innovation.

Second edition of the Chamber prize - Social innovation and sustainable development. 10 July 2021

Events - published on 11 July 2021

Source: presidential press office of Treviso Belluno|Dolomiti Chamber of Commerce
Treviso, 10th July. In the midst of the pandemic – said Chamber of Commerce President Mario Pozza – in agreement with the Chamber’s Council and Board, we have decided to
look ahead and invest by making available a credit ceiling of 15,000 euro for local businesses determined to improve their processes and develop new products and services capable of producing
positive economic effects, social and environmental benefits
. These are the three pillars that characterise Corporate Social Responsibility. I emphasised this in the presentation of the
2021-2026 mandate guidelines: Corporate Social Responsibility is one of our priorities and I am pleased that Councillor Valentina Cremona highlighted it during the second Council
Every action to improve a company produces added value and, in a broader sense, a series of benefits for its stakeholders, – Pozza explains. – Producing positive economic, social
and environmental effects also means contributing to the implementation of the 17 objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, encouraging the local economic fabric to tackle the
criticalities of the current (linear) economic development model, choosing a more virtuous growth path and an integrated vision of sustainability. I congratulate with businesswomen and
Also for this second edition, the award has been structured in 3 categories: Environmental Sustainable Innovation, Social Sustainable Innovation and Economic Sustainable
, for which the specially constituted Evaluation Committee assessed the 27 projects admitted at the end of the preliminary stage, deciding to award the three prizes, of €5,000 each,
1. Free Green SRL from Colle Umberto (TV) – category I. environmental sustainability – with ICARO X4, the self-driving robot for agriculture, for the treatment
of fruit plants, without any pesticides
: the new product guarantees respect for the environment and wine quality; ICARO ensures production flexibility and cost reduction for end users. It is
able to operate autonomously, without any command from staff, and to treat a vineyard field in 30 minutes, with a remote monitoring system such as a PC or Smart Phone and telemetry capable of
providing remote diagnostics for any maintenance work or anomalies. The patented guidance system allows the machine to run between the rows with absolute precision; each UVC treatment is
coordinated by the chemical and environmental laboratory on board each robot. Trademarks and patents have been registered worldwide;
2. Sviluppo & Lavoro SCS di Alpago (BL) – category I. social sustainability – for the project Reshoring of industrial productions in a non-conventional factory
(prison), which allows the return of delocalised productions and the re-employment of prisoners. It has been found that, in the prison world, especially in the field of assembly, there are
very few qualified technical skills; however, the prisoners are strong, unemployed people. Thanks to the relations with industrial companies, the awareness was raised that in many production
processes there are activities or process phases characterised by a high manual content, simple in execution and not automatable, which over the years have been delocalised to other countries,
mainly for cost reasons. The innovation of the project therefore concerns the reshoring of production thanks to the work of prisoners. An important local company, which believed in the project,
brought a first calender and various minor equipment from the factory it had in Romania to start up a production of cloths and pellets for cleaning glasses, customised with the brand of the
optician’s shop. After about 8 months from the start of the experiment, the company bought a second calender to double the initially planned production.
3. Nemea SRL from Montebelluna (TV) – category I. economic sustainability – for the project that led to a more rational use of resources regarding the product
Löwenweiss Slippers: the flagship product has been completely revolutionised, introducing innovative production processes and materials that reduce waste, increase quality and life cycle,
making it more sustainable and natural: Replaced felt from virgin fibres with recycled felt. Trimmings: identified processes that reduce the use of raw materials, increase resistance to
abrasion and washing and make the product lighter and more comfortable. Packaging: eliminated tissue paper, threads and plastic bags and introduced packages made of recycled paper and cardboard
from FSC certified forests. The innovation was made possible by the introduction of good practice: on average 3 times a year the Business Model Canvas is updated, which helps to become aware of
resources and improve business processes. A “help desk” was set up to listen to customers, respond more efficiently to their requests and create greater awareness of the value of the product.
The Evaluation Committee expressed a high degree of appreciation both for the participation of both the provinces of Belluno and Treviso and for the commitment and results achieved by all
the participating companies (not only the three who ranked first and received the cash prize):
Environmentally sustainable innovation: Alpago-No-Dig di Claudio dei Svaldi (BL), Dami5 Entertainment di Gava Damiano (TV), Greenproject Italia SRL (TV), Lucchetta Grazia
(TV), Maeba International (TV), Mf Design SRL (BL), Moretto Farm Soc. Agr. (TV), Nardi Mobili in cartone SRL (TV), Renova Green Snc (TV) Terre Grosse Soc. Agr. (TV). Social
sustainable innovation: Dolomiti Lab SrL (BL), Dumia SCS (BL), Flybus (BL), Grafiche Battivelli (TV), Idee Europee di Piergiorgio Paladin (TV), Imeco SrL (BL), Mobility Care (TV),
Plastidue SrL (TV), Renova Green SNC (TV), SOL.CO SCS (TV), Space Treviso (TV). Economic sustainable innovation: Che Baratto SrL, Enoteca Contemporanea SrL, Golose Emozioni SNC.
In order to give continuity to the collection of best practices started with the previous edition and to disseminate these potentially replicable business projects throughout the country, the 27
project files collected will be published, within the current month of July, on the Chamber’s institutional website www.tb.camcom.gov.it and on the thematic portal www.impreseresponsabili.tvbl.it.
Together with the Councillors i will be proud to personally award the winning companies and to have them as guests – stresses President Pozza. – The award ceremony will take
place at the Chamber’s headquarters with important guests and we will be able to give a message of confidence, sharing our Charter of Values, among the finalists at the European EPSA 2021 award
in Maastricht, looking at what needs to be done, to make our territory better and better.
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