Projections: Sporting Emotions of Class | Generation 2026 meets IC Preganziol

31st online meeting | Third classes IC Preganziol

Events - published on 06 April 2022
Source: press office of the President of the Chamber of Commerce Treviso-Belluno|Dolomiti
On Monday 4 April was held the thirty-first appointment of the interactive meetings created by FICTS: “The Projections: Sport Emotions of Class”.
FICTS concretizes the appointments in moments of interactive meeting in view of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games of Milan – Cortina 2026, intended to communicate to young people
through images fundamental values such as: brotherhood, fair play, team game, determination, respect of rules, loyalty, consistency, courage, reliability, self-love and overcoming one’s limits.
The meeting was articulated by Generazione 2026 Tutor Alessandra Tarantani and supported by video technology managers: Antonio Di Gregorio and Andrea barbaresi.
Prof. Franco Ascani, FICTS President, thanked students and teachers and conveyed the importance of the Olympic Spirit.
Particularly striking were the projections on the theme of the Paralympics: “I was moved by these images, they are the demonstration of how everything is possible if you believe in
it” – commented the students of the third classes of the IC preganziol.
Many emotions were shared between students and Generation 2026 and the appreciation of the projections shown by FICTS.
The meeting ended with a positive balance that gives hope that the new Generation 2026 will be ready to face the next Olympic games.

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