The Eyewear Museum: the story of local culture in Belluno, the paths of innovation and sustainability, the economy of a Made in Italy excellence

Discover the value and relevance of the museum in the territory of Belluno.

Promo - published on 17 May 2024

Source: press office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno|Dolomites

The District of Eyewear moves the economy of Belluno, of the Veneto region and of Italian exports. It is a perpetuation of the history and the expertise of Belluno’s craftsmanship, an emblem of the avant-garde, innovation, sustainability and Made in Italy.

As evidence of the importance of this district for Belluno and Italy and its contribution to local culture, the area has set up a museum to celebrate it. Located in Pieve di Cadore, in the heart of the Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage, the Museo dell’Occhiale offers a complete, fascinating and unique overview of the history and evolution of glasses, eyewear and optical instruments.

The Museum is managed by the non-profit foundation Fondazione Museo Dell’Occhiale onlus , established in 1996, and its president, Vittorio Tabacchi, received an Honorary Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Padua in June 2004, in recognition of his commitment and passion demonstrated in the study of innovative processes and materials, aiming for constant qualitative and quantitative improvement in the manufacture of spectacle frames.

Why visit the Museum?

The historical route: the museum narrates the history of spectacles, from the earliest medieval prototypes to contemporary models, bow, wig or hat spectacles, as well as all spectacle-related products such as cases, optical instruments, binoculars, telescopes. The itinerary meticulously displays all the fashion influences that led to the emergence of new shapes and colours and the spread of innovative materials (aluminium, nickel, celluloid, ebonite, synthetic resins, monel and titanium).

Unique collections and varied exhibits: the collection includes spectacles from various eras and origins, antique optical instruments, and curious objects such as eyeglasses from past centuries, monocles, and astronomy lenses. Each piece tells a story and reflects the evolution of design and technology.

Interactivity and Education: The museum offers an educational and didactic opportunity, ideal for enthusiastic or curious adults as well as for youngsters and children. In fact, interactive forms such as films, documentaries, visual and audio testimonies and even games such as geocatching are provided. The exhibition of other optical instruments, such as microscopes and telescopes, completes the journey through scientific discoveries and innovations that have expanded our understanding of the world and the universe.

Unique location: located in Pieve di Cadore, the birthplace of Titian, one of the greatest Renaissance painters, the museum is surrounded by breathtaking scenery. A visit to the museum can be combined with excursions in the UNESCO Dolomites, offering a perfect mix of culture and nature.

Special Events and Temporary Exhibitions: the museum is available for meetings, presentations, visits, as well as aperitifs, buffets or dinners. It regularly organises temporary exhibitions and special events that explore specific themes or showcase particular collections, always offering new reasons to return for a visit. To keep up to date, visit the OFFICIAL WEBSITE or follow the social channels Facebook and Instagram.



Text edited and translated by Cecilia Flaccavento
Intern at the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomites

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