Treviso and coffee : Tiramisù World Cup 2023. Grand Final 5-8 October

President Mario Pozza: Tiramisù is a product that we support with great conviction because it interprets very well what Treviso can communicate to the world: taste, pleasure, attention to raw materials and quality, and Made in Italy culture.

Events - published on 05 July 2023

Source: Twissen Press Office

The Tiramisù World Cup 2023 has returned to travel around the world and now is ready to return to Italy. After promoting the most famous Italian dessert in the world with selections in Montevideo (Uruguay), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Brussels (Belgium), this year’s edition is preparing for the Grand Final (October 5-8), which will have as main theme “Treviso and coffee.

Registration officially opens for the 2023 edition of the Tiramisù World Cup, the “greediest challenge of the year” that pits hundreds of aspiring “chefs” in the preparation of the popular spoon dessert.

After the first selections abroad (Uruguay, Brazil and Belgium), the spotlight is now on the Grand Final held in the Marca of Treviso from Thursday, Oct. 5 to Sunday, Oct. 8.

Tiramisù is undoubtedly one of the best ways to enjoy coffee. That’s why we have chosen “Treviso and coffee” as the theme for this edition, explains Francesco Redi of Twissen, creator and organizer of the event.” . In addition, we have already started some experimentation coffee specialties that we will also taste during the competitions.

After the forced break due to the health emergency, the Tiramisù World Cup has resumed selections at international level, bringing the Italian specialty to be the protagonist of new events around the world. In springtime the TWC landed in Brussels, Montevideo and São Paulo, already entering three foreign competitors in the final round of competitions. “Other participants have already pre-registered since last year and will come from Europe (France, Germany, Austria), Thailand and India,” Redi continues. “Many have already written to us: they are eager to participate in the festival and want to take the opportunity to visit our territory.”

“It is one of the most famous desserts of international confectionery, a symbol of the Veneto region, which has been able to conquer the world,” comments Federico Caner, Tourism Councillor of the Veneto Region. An excellence that joins the imagination of those who each year challenge themselves in revisiting a recipe that for years has been handed down from generation to generation and has proven to be the symbol of our territory. Tiramisù is, to all intents and purposes, a landmark of our food and wine culture, and this international event demonstrates the interest in a dessert that today also expresses the flair of skilled pastry chefs.

“The Tiramisù World Cup is not only a wonderful competition but an event capable of creating cultural bridges and sharing – the words of the mayor of Treviso, Mario Conte. The international selections, the visibility and the anticipation it manages to create from Asia to South America are all aspects that make the TWC something special for Treviso, for the Marca and for the Veneto region. We are truly glad that, from year to year, this event featuring Twissen with institutional and commercial partners has seen steady growth, perfectly integrating with the fabric of the city. We still remember with pride the kilometer-long lines to taste the champions’ tiramisù and the passionate cheering for the races. The World Cup is a celebration for the city and an important showcase for our wonders, our excellence and our activities.

The Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – BellunoI Dolomiti has always been attentive to the excellence of the territory and enhances its peculiarities because through these we promote businesses and activate important levers of “territorial marketing” – highlights President Mario Pozza – . Tiramisù is a product that we support with great conviction because it interprets very well what Treviso can communicate to the world: taste, pleasure, attention to raw materials and quality, and Made in Italy culture.”

The Confcommercio, and with it the Fipe, renews with increasing conviction, also for this year, the support to the TWC, an established event that is demonstrating all its promotional and tourism potential for the area – says Dania Sartorato, president of Confcommercio . For this edition, the occasion will allow us to promote the talents of our merchants with the “Best Tiramisù in Treviso” award, which has now become a brand that increases the flow in public establishments, fostering the hospitality capacity of the entire territory. But not only that, this edition also has the merit of creating new connections and new projects between catering companies and professional schools, to create interest on this “craft”, made of art and passion. The I would say “planetary” interest in the coffee and mascarpone dessert can only revive interest in the public establishment, the bar, which strengthens its function as a place of meeting and relationship.


Translated by Cecilia Flaccavento

Intern at the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno



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