Donazzan, Pozza, Ascani present the project and the international ‘three days’ in Treviso and Cortina of ‘GenerAZIONE2026

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Economy - published on 15 June 2023

Source: press office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso Belluno|Dolomiti

Three days of GenerAZIONE2026 presented at a press conference


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“The “three days” of “GenerAZIONE2026” (thanks to the Veneto Region and the Treviso-Belluno|Dolomiti Chamber of Commerce) – highlights FICTS President Prof. Franco B. Ascani – Member of the IOC Commission for Culture and Olympic Heritage – is articulated in Exhibitions, Projections, Workshops, Conferences and Awards aimed at promoting the socio-cultural significance of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Milan Cortina 2026 through Projects addressed to Young people (31,835 in Lombardy, 10,130 in Veneto – with free registration) to increase the development of Olympic values on the territory under the slogan “Culture through sport” in which Olympism becomes “a lifestyle”. 30% of the GDP of sport is made up of youth sports activities where an investment in sport generates multiplier effects of 2.19 times.
The presence at the Elective General Assembly of the Delegates of the 130 Nations affiliated (in the 5 Continents) to the FICTS (Fédération Internationale CinémaTélévision Sportifs) recognised by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) guarantees the internationality of the event. Sport in schools must become a right for young people and a duty for the institutions – the 88 participating schools affirm this in chorus”.

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The Veneto Region’s Councillor for Education, Training and Labour stressed: ‘It is a path we have started with the FICTS Federation and the Chamber of Commerce that is yielding excellent results. The objectives for the Veneto Region are to spread the knowledge and sense of having the Olympics ‘at home’ and the even greater objective that we can achieve with this type of animation is to promote the values of sport and increase the practice of sport among young people’.

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“We are looking to the future by putting in the field, today, – underlines President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti and Assocamerestero Mario Pozza – collaborations between institutions, investments and resources because young people have our full attention. With them we interpret the present to build a sustainable economy together. The values expressed by the Olympic and Paralympic Games make it more immediate for us to communicate that at the centre is the person without any exclusion. We want to be attractive again for young people, our companies are with us, supporting GenerAZIONE2026. We are in
an international setting with the presence of FICTS delegates from 130 countries around the world, not by chance an opportunity to promote our territory in the world, without waiting, but to remain in the minds and hearts of those who visit provinces that bind beauty, business and winning relationships also in the network with suppliers that is unique and a great resource. This year we have focused for GenerAZIONE2026 on Sportsystem, eyewear in the showcases that feature brands that make us famous around the world, and Agrifood, which is also a theme for young creatives who have become ambassadors of the tastes and flavours of Treviso and Belluno’.

Watch and listen to President Mario Pozza’s speech

“We are very pleased to be part of the GenerAzione 2026 project, whose spirit and promotion of sport and its values we fully share, especially among young people,” commented Francesca Nieddu, Regional Director of Veneto East and Friuli Venezia Giulia Intesa Sanpaolo. “The next Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games represent an important opportunity for development and visibility for our territory and will be a boost for the tourism sector and the local Sportsystem supply chain, with job opportunities for young people from Veneto.

Dr. Maurizio Molinari- Head of the European Parliament Office in Milan
“Sport is an area where the competences of the European Union were introduced by the Lisbon Treaty in December 2009. Through sport, the EU wants to foster the promotion of a culture of cooperation, encourage a healthy lifestyle and fight against all forms of discrimination and racism. The European Parliament has passed several resolutions in this area over the years, organising together with the other institutions initiatives such as the European Week of Sport, a series of events that every year draw attention to the importance of grassroots sporting activity throughout the Union.

Approximately 780 companies and branches operate in the Sportsystem district, with a total of almost 8,000 employees. Exports amounted to EUR 1.6 billion in 2022, taking footwear and sporting goods into account.
The Treviso food industry is divided into several supply chains: the one that makes us most famous in the world today is the wine-growing and wine-producing one, the Prosecco area, which is emblematic because it indissolubly links the wine product to the quality of the territory, of the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene hills, now recognised as a Unesco heritage site.
The wine sector alone places the province of Treviso in third place in Italy for wine exports, after Verona and Cuneo. Just think, before the pandemic, in 2019 Treviso’s wine exports amounted to 746 million euros; in 2022 they exceeded one billion euros. Almost 28% is sold in the USA, the leading market for the sector. This is followed by Germany and the United Kingdom. Therefore an exceptional sponsor, Astoria, which will award delegates and guests at the big event at the Mario del Monaco theatre on 8 June, could not be missing. The eyewear industry has 360 company locations and 120 local units employing more than 14,200 people. In addition, there are 249 company headquarters and 127 dependent local units operating in the other sectors of the production chain indicated in Annex A of DGRV 1696/2016), which employ a further 3,000 people in the area. The district is home to Certottica, the Italian Institute for the Certification of Optical Products and a research centre dedicated to eyewear. An area that must remain the great attraction for young people.

The highlights of the “Three Days” SEE PROGRAMME (Treviso, Cortina, Belluno), the final event that will see the presence of the FICTS Federation Delegates from 130 countries SEE LIST and the qualified guest of the Milan Cortina 2026 Foundation as well as the illustration of the 3 Olympic and Paralympic themed Exhibitions.


As is well known, a twinning between the Regions of Veneto and Lombardy was set up, thanks also to the participation of the students of the ‘GenerAZIONE2026’ Project in the ‘Milan Trophies – Education, Culture and Sport for Young People’.

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