President Pozza: Companies that invest in digital are already looking to the future of their own business.

New calls for contributions in favor of the digital development of businesses.

Economy - published on 07 January 2021
Source: Chamber of Commerce of Treviso Belluno|Dolomiti press office
Treviso, Wednesday 6th January 2021. “I always say it, entrepreneurs who are curious, who are interested, who invest in the digitization of the traditional activities they carry out in the
company, have more opportunities to successfully face the new challenges of the markets and to keep up with their competitors” – emphasises President Pozza -.
“The Chamber of Commerce is also at your side in this area with the Digital Business Points where you can find free assistance, both to take the first steps in digitization and to continue in
the most advanced digitization process.
It’s clear that you can’t tackle everything on your own and funding is essential to choose this transformation, especially for a small business. Here are the dedicated calls of institutions
help to finance the digital transition by also already giving important guidelines.
To spread these and other opportunities active in the area in support of the digital development of companies, the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno and Punto Impresa Digitale provide a
continuous information service, in particular by sending periodic newsletters to users.
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Our task is the transparency of actions, your willingness to be part of the restart.
Also in 2021 the Chamber of Commerce will prepare a call for tenders to allocate non-repayable resources to business digitization projects, particularly aimed at small businesses.
More substantial programs can instead be financed with other tools such as the calls of the Mise and the Veneto Region”.

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