#RUBRICA President Mario Pozza: Today we celebrate Trevisobellunosystem.com. Twenty years of experience!

When the value of the web was not yet clear, the chamber world together with Ca' Foscari University had foreseen what would happen in the future.

Economy - published on 08 June 2022

Source: press office Chamber of Commerce Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites Presidency
Treviso – Belluno, 31 May 2022 – Twenty years ago Trevisobellunosystem was born. Still today a gateway for promotion and a great ally for all of us. When the pandemic isolated,
Trevisobellunosystem united in the constant communication of knowledge, without limitation of space, time or language.
We look at the twenty years of this portal so, with the look of today, aware that the creators in 2002 eng. Donato
, Prof. Ferruccio Bresolin and Dr. Renato Chahinian had a vision of a world that did not exist, but that they were able to intuit and realize with the creation of the portal
Trevisobellunosystem, market places forerunners of A**zon, rapid prototyping, with the first 3D printer in Italy, with the creation of the first free data base of companies, to encourage
them to create their own company website and be found in the web, for new business opportunities in markets around the world. Even today, the dialogue with companies is one by one, because every
company is unique. We take care of the promotion of the 1700 registered and registered companies, we take care that our portal is the best vehicle for their promotion, and to all companies, for
twenty years we welcome in 5 languages for their international promotion.
So in the management of the portal as we look to its future, we want to maintain that same gaze that is an interpreter of new horizons and able to cope with change with immediate solutions,
the result, however, of in-depth and previous preparation.
We ask ourselves where we were 20 years ago when we lived without the web and apps, when mobile phones were not yet called mobiles, when the economy was the result only of the action of real
traditional factors and, the immaterial had not yet been identified as the engine of future progress. We are talking about a 20-year journey through changes and crises in markets and people,
such as 2008 when, due to the structural crisis, companies went bankrupt and entrepreneurs identified their lives with the life of the company. Thus the tragedies like the floods, Vaia and
lastly the Covid-19 pandemic and now the war in Ukraine.
We were there, every day, and we are always there, with online conferences, press conferences, up-to-date news to meet the needs of companies. Networking with the world of associations and
institutions. With the Italian chamber system abroad. Moments that remain in Trevisobellunosystem‘s web and social pages, a precious archive that can always be consulted.
In all these situations, thanks to the work created by these three illustrious men, and thanks to the willingness of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti to support
and invest in Trevisobellunosystem.com, we have always ensured relationships, knowledge, confrontation, solutions, and the transmission of trust, information and training. It is not only a
dialogue in Italian because it is essential to present ourselves abroad. Through the 5 languages in which the portal is translated: Chinese, Russian, Japanese, English, Spanish and now German
we welcome and dialogue with foreign markets.
The German version was born during the worst of the lockdown, with distance learning. The students of the institute A. Scarpa di Motta di Livenza, with their teachers, tackled the
translation of topics such as economics, education, business that were still unknown to them. They told us that it was a window to the world when the windows were closed, and a great glimmer of
confidence in them, when fear was freezing their trust in projects.
Young people are always at the centre of our project with the desire to provide up-to-date training on the world of school, university, and the job search. Dedicated and up-to-date sections
to provide guidance and enable informed choices for their future.
The future is also to prepare for the next Olympic and Paralympic Games that our region will host in Cortina in 2026. We are working to ensure that for young people from primary,
secondary and even higher schools, Milan – Cortina 2026 will be a cultural life experience in the context of the values of Olympism.
With the ‘Generation 2026′ project conceived by Prof. Franco Ascani, Member of the IOC Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission, the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso –
Belluno|Dolomiti, the Veneto Region, and the Regional School Office
, we are building a three-year project. The project conceived during the pandemic, implemented remotely and in presence,
has never stopped at anything. We are involving 9,442 students by dialoguing with them, with the schools, with the teachers and with the managers. We have created a winning synergy between
Milan and Cortina, thanks also to the participation of the Treviso boys in the Milan trophies at the Arena, who distinguished themselves and won the cup for first place in the relay. I welcomed
them in Milan and then received them at the Chamber of Commerce in Treviso to talk to them and their professors. Thanks to these occasions, young people meet and get to know the institutions.
This is helped by our portal, which step by step recounts this best practice of ours with pictures, interviews, press releases and testimonials.
The importance of the European Commission is one of the assets we have always supported with a direct relationship with the office of the spokesmen of the Italian and foreign MEPs of all
committees. Thus, on a daily basis, young people, professionals, and entrepreneurs have a direct, yet selected thread of news of interest. My special thanks go to President Von der Leyen
for her willingness to provide transparent and effective communication for the strategic choices of our entrepreneurs. I would like to thank the MEP Hon. Giannantonio Da Re because he will
be our voice bringing our 20-year web best practice to the attention of the European Commission.
We anticipated the value of web and social communication for the economic and tourism promotion of territories with a column and updated news in multilingual. Now the government has entrusted
the Chambers of Commerce with this competence. Italian and foreign users can learn about the beauty of our territories, also through institutional relations and support in the strategies of our
Unesco sites The Prosecco hills of Conegliano- Valdobbiadene, the Dolomites and the 3 Venetian villas. The Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti has joined Mirabilia, the European
network of Unesco sites of the national chamber system. In May in Castelbrando we have a 4-day event. 240 national delegates and international representatives, Unesco directors and
representatives of the European Commission will come to Treviso. Among the objectives, a memorandum on sustainability for the development and internationalisation of territories. The title of the
event is deliberately provocative “Sustainability: an element of competitiveness?” We want an assertive approach that wants to probe every aspect, without taking anything for granted, evaluating
every detail in the light also of the major changes that have taken place since the pandemic and that may require different and new visions on sustainability to improve competitive advantage and
enhance the approach to internationalisation.
An economic promotion that makes use of the large network of Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad with whom there has been a continuous dialogue for twenty years, with the publication of their
news links section Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad
and with project reports such as the video that won the Candido Cannavò
international Prize at the Sports Film and Television Festival and the special mention at the Beijing Sport Film Festivalg.
I invite you to watch “On the Wings of the Camera: where talent is at home“. An
innovative project where we have built a story with the representation of the beauty of the territories, and the entrepreneurial excellence of the Sportsystem and Eyewear together with the
Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad.
Many columns are the result of research, analysis, listening to the territory and the users with the direct thread of social networks, via e-mail and with the most-read news column that stands
out on the home page of the site because the user is at the centre of our strategic thinking.
I would like to emphasise that the particularity of the portal is that it is designed as an expression of a territory and not of a single institution. In chorus with the voice of the
chamber system, trade associations, universities, ministries, and the Italian chamber system abroad.
Our main objective was, and still is, to create a tool for the promotion and development of the local community. With the Economic Networks, a more widespread level of communication has been
achieved, concerning not only the activities of the Chamber, but also those of the entire economic community, with positive effects on the promotion and socio-economic development of the
territory. Although the Economic Web is managed by the Chamber of Commerce, it benefits from the cooperation of all public and private institutions, businesses and what is called the ‘third
sector’, i.e. all the components of the community that are involved in local development and international relations. “Trevisobellunosystem” is not the website of the Chamber of Commerce,
which already has an institutional-administrative website: it is actually the website of the local socio-economic community.
Trevisobellunosystem presents itself and shows foreign investors what is an expression of entrepreneurial and institutional excellence of good business practice.
In fact, ethics is among the portal’s main inspirations. The concepts of ethics and corporate social responsibility, of inclusion and sharing, of welcome to those who are beginning to be
part of the Italian community in their professional life, in business, in their studies, and coming into contact with institutional and bureaucratic architectures that are often difficult to
Principles of ethics and corporate social responsibility that we collected in the first and updated in the second version of the Charter of Values. Awarded as the first in Italy in the web
world, it is the guide to the work of Trevisobellunosystem.
So many national awards and international recognition gave us the confidence that what we were doing was the right thing to do.
Promotion and socio-economic development were achieved through a series of services aimed at
– show the territorial shape of our initiative and its potential not only outside the area, but also among local citizens and operators;
– present the most suitable development policies for each territorial reality both with regard to individual enterprises and at macroeconomic level;
– promote networking and cooperation both within and outside the area, including at international level.
Therefore, we have tried to apply some of the most effective economic principles, namely:
– awareness and growth of human resources;
– innovation, including technological innovation, for socio-economic development;
– more social capital to be dedicated to international relations;
– involving institutions in the awareness of the context and in guiding policies.
Let us ask ourselves where we are now with what we have done, I am sure we have created awareness, knowledge networks giving a plus for winning personal, professional and business choices or
awareness of opportunities and threats.
We look to new challenges always trying to interpret with the light of knowledge that inspired the creators of this web work, listening to people, users, reality, always careful not to miss
any detail that then changes the story.
We set out on our journey thanks to Trevisobellunosystem, the goal to which the journey has led us, without the idea of stopping, because together we know how to build a world of good
relations that help business communities and support society in the good and bad situations of business and personal life.
Happy 20th anniversary Trevisobellunosystem!
Mario Pozza

President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti

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