Anci Veneto and Unioncamere promote respect for the environment: the “Attenti alle Porte” project is launched in the Municipality of Treviso

The initiative is part of the Aria Protocol, which aims to coordinate interventions and actions in favour of sustainability at regional level.

Events - published on 20 September 2021
Source: Unioncamere Veneto press office
17 September 2021 | Unioncamere Veneto and Anci Veneto team up to promote concrete actions in the territory in favour of respect for the environment. This is the meaning of the Memorandum of
Understanding signed by the two institutions and named “Protocollo Aria”. This is a regional project aimed at coordinating the administrations involved in the Memorandum of Understanding in the
climate actions envisaged by the Veneto Region’s Atmosphere Protection and Remediation Plan.
This important collaboration includes the “Attenti alle Porte” initiative, which will start in a few days in the lead municipality of Treviso and in all the municipalities of the Veneto Region.
Through Unioncamere Veneto, which will play an active role in the promotion of this project, both Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations have already been involved in the
dissemination of this initiative
. The objective is to raise awareness, through the help of shopkeepers, among citizens in respecting daily rules that can help the environment.
Shopkeepers adhering to the initiative will voluntarily decide to keep the doors of their shops closed both in summer and in winter, thus giving a contribution to air quality and to fight energy
waste. In order to support this project, the Municipality of Treviso published a call for tenders for the design of the logos identifying theAttenti alle Porte!initiative.
In just a few days 22 proposals were received, judged by the Evaluation Committee on 30 June, which identified the winner, Maddalena Cettolin. The winning logo depicts our region and will
soon be placed on the windows and doors of the businesses that wish to promote the initiative.
Mario Pozza, President of Unioncamere Veneto and of the TV-BL Chamber of Commerce, commented on the initiative: – For Unioncamere Veneto, sustainability is an important challenge that we
must win together. This is why we signed the protocol with Anci Veneto, convinced that institutions must work as a team to achieve the objectives we have set ourselves, which start with small
everyday gestures. I call on shopkeepers to join this initiative.
The President of Anci Veneto, Mario Conte, explained that – respect for the environment starts from the territories and municipalities, which have a central role in this game.
Sustainability must not remain an abstract concept, but must be articulated in projects and initiatives close to the community such as “Attenti alle Porte”. Today is a starting point and we hope
that the project will become a model to be applied in other territories.

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