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Japanese company INVESTS 32 million euros in Treviso province. 130 hirings in Motta di Livenza.

29/11/2007 | Economy |  The multinational corporation Kasei will produce plastic films within Treviso Furniture Cluster.

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Source: La Tribuna di Treviso, Tuesday 2007/11/29. By Fabio Poloni.
The Japaneses locate their company in Motta di Livenza (province of Treviso) and hire 130 people.
The Japanese multinational corporation C.I. Kasei will invest 32 million euros to open a subsidiary in this Italian town and establish its plastic film covering production in the heart of Treviso Furniture Cluster.

C.I. Kasei is the leader company in Europe for what concerns the production of plastic films covering wood panels and “faked walnut briarwood” in car interiors. The company’s head office is based in Tokyo, but it has already spent some years in Italy in order to analyse the European market.

Some months ago Motta’s mayor Mr. Graziano Panighel welcomed a delegation of three managers, which later visited the vocational school Lepido Rocco.

The presence of the school seems to have determined the choice of the location.
In fact, the company will require skilled professionals which the Lepido Rocco institute will promptly instruct for a future collaboration. After the meeting with the Japanese company’s representatives, Mr. Panighel explained that: “Kasei is going to start its production in Motta’s industrial estate. In the beginning they’ll need 50 employees, but they plan to hire up to a hundred people”.
For now, 130 hirings are predicted: those for administrative roles have already begun.
The company will produce plastic films to decorate wood panels and car interiors’ specific surfaces. The new plant, called Bonlex Europe, will be operative from the beginning of 2008.

A “vernissage” will be held tomorrow morning (2007/11/30, translator’s note), in the presence of:
• Mr. Renato di Porcia e Brugnera, Embassy of Italy in Tokyo, Economic/Commercial Affairs, First Secretary;
• Mr. Michiro Kosugi, president of Bonlex Europe;
• Mr. Giuseppe Milan, head of Unindustria Treviso;
• Mr. Roberto Spingardi, head of inward investment for InvestInItaly, the nation’s organization for promoting investment;
• Mr. Graziano Panighel, mayor of Motta di Livenza.

(By Fabio Poloni)

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